Mark Dunwell

I started fishing with my dad at the age of five or six. Luckily l lived near the rivers Wharfe swale and Ouse in Yorkshire, so I cut my angling teeth on the Yorkshire rivers fishing for everything from dace to barbel.I progressed to a club match angler then started to fish opens was quite successful and ended up team fishing taking part in various angling times winter leagues. Superleagues and won promotion in the nationals up to the division one. The pinnacle of my match career was winning an individual medal in a national on the Thames.When matches turned to commercials I stopped match fishing as I preferred the more natural venues and matches on those types of venues had died.I turned my hand to big carp fishing and enjoyed a few years chasing big carp from my home county catching fish over thirty pounds but in my heart the rivers were still where I wanted to be. A change in lifestyle put an end to my carp fishing and I started doing opportunist sessions on rivers and lakes targeting fish of all species and now find myself fishing for everything depending on the seasons or just what I feel like going for.