Tim Janssen


My name is Tim Janssen and I live in Dieren in the Netherlands. Dieren is a little village on the river Ijssel, only a few kilometers from the town of Arnhem and “The Bridge too far “ one of the most well-known battles of WW2.

When I went for the first time to the river as a little boy, I fell in love with the river, love at first sight so to speak. From that day on you can find me almost every day at the river, fishing or just observing the river. They were my first steps as an angler.

In 2006 I was fishing in Belgium and I hooked a fish and that fish was fighting so strong and it took a while before I had it in my net. That was my first barbel and from that day my life turned upside down.

Back in Netherland I looked on the internet and searched all I could find about the barbel, and discovered that only a few people fished for barbel in the Netherlands and it was a growing thing in our little country. Best thing was, they did catch barbel in my river, the Ijssel! The first few times I didn't catch but after a couple of days I succeeded and caught my first barbel, It was end September 2006.

Now after years I specialise in barbel fishing in Europe, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Luxemborg, Spain and off course England. In total in the last few years I have caught barbel in 17 different rivers in 7 Countries.

Barbel is still my number one species, I’m hooked on the barbel, but I also fish for Winde, (orfe) Tench, pike, carp and a fish you dont know in England, the Sneep.
My ambitions for the future are to raise my personal best in all my species but also to catch barbel in as many rivers and countries as I can. I am proud to be associated with Korum and Sonubaits and hope over the next few years I can help them to develop further their already extensive range of products.