There's no doubting the appeal of soluble ingredients like pastes and liquid attractors, so why not combine the two for the ultimate meal in itself? Big hookbaits can be a real edge on many venues, with the tasty appeal drawing some really big fish. You can tweak this approach to suit your favourite baits, but the Sonubaits range is a great starting point, as it's been designed in conjunction with Team Korum - some of the best specimen anglers in the country. 

1. Mould some Sonubaits Barbel & Carp Paste around a pellet or boilie hookbait.

2. Using a Sight Stop or colourful hookbait increases some of the visual appeal.

3. Roll the paste around in some pellets and fishmeal groundbait to give it a coating.

4. Give the whole lot another coating of Barbel & Carp Paste.

5. Now push some juicy hemp into the second layer of paste, as shown.

6. Keep pushing pellets and hemp in until you are happy with your 'meal' sized hookbait.

7. The results can be brilliant, especially in Spring when the fish are still not quite in full feeding mode.