Just in time for the big fish stillwater season we are launching a small range of new must-have tackle items.

Firstly, we have a new net offering in the shape of the Speci-Squares. These nets feature a super soft mesh that's perfect for big fish like tench, bream, carp, barbel and chub.

Made using a powerful square frame, reinforced spreader block and our new fish-friendly mesh material that's much softer in construction. The net has also been made with more depth, making it ideal for short term retention of those special fish whilst you arrange your fish care and camera equipment. A retaining tag at the base of the mesh also means you can transport the net easily between swims without getting snagged up.

The Speci Squares are available in 22", 26" and 30".

Also new for April are some fantastic floating polarised glasses. These use the same super sharp, high contrast lens from our popular iDefinition models of the past.

iDefinition provides a specially selected lens design that offers greater perception of the colour green, the colour our eyes are most sensitive to in the visible light spectrum. Green lenses provide better contrast than grey lenses and offer better colour accuracy than brown lenses. Because greens lenses favour the transmittance of green light, they provide excellent visual acuity in all light conditions. in short, this makes iDefinition perfect for modern course fishing. As we all know accidents happen from time to time so we have now made our glasses float, giving you time to scoop them out of the water if you drop them in.

Expect to see the nets and sunglasses in shops from April 25th.