Tench season is upon us, a time I particularly look forward to.

I had my first session last weekend which despite a few moves ultimately proved fruitless.

Round two this weekend.  Id had some new terminal bits arrive from Korum HQ including a lovely little Ready Heli Kit and a pack of Camo Anti Tangle Sleeves just what I needed.  I made my rods up the night before the planned trip.  Whilst the Ready Heli Kit is designed to be used straight out the pack, for my session I made a little tweak.  Iv lost a few feeders over the years on the gravel pits I fish due to getting snagged up on the bars and plateaus.  I now sit the Heli Kit on top of a size 11 swivel and put in a weaker link of 8lb line down to the feeder, my main line is 10lb Korum Feeder line.  Now should I get snagged up I only lose the feeder and do not leave a load of line and a baited rig out in the lake.

I arrived at the lake around 5pm Friday, set about finding the spots to fish and baited with my favourite Tench mix of Sonubaits tinned hemp, 2mm Krill and 2mm S pellet.

Over the top of this I fished the Heli Rigs and combi feeders loaded with a mix of chopped worm and red maggot.  Short 5” hooklinks of 10lb power mono down to a size 10 Xpert Power hook with a quick stop and worm hookbait.

6am Saturday morning I managed my first tench of the season at 8lb 4oz.  Nothing happened during the day, mid-afternoon I put out another 6 medium spombs of my tench mix.  7pm Saturday evening I had my next bite.  Initially I thought I’d hooked a carp as this fish took line and a bit of a battle ensued.  Eventually I got the upper hand and slipped the net under a big tench, all 10lb 4oz of it.  An early season 10 is a cracking fish, what a great way to start this year’s campaign.