Of all our sponsored anglers, Rob Thompson was the one who banged the drum for a ‘power quiver rod’ more than any other and was delighted when we presented him with the first of the Neoteric FS samples last year. Rob does a lot of fishing ‘on tip’ for big perch and chub, but little did we know that he would put his finished Power Quiver to such good use in 2019!

"My first session of the New Year had to be after chub, “ explains Rob. "I just love the simplicity of roving the banks with the minimum of tackle, free to up-sticks and walk a mile or more in any direction should I feel the need without being bogged down under a mountain of kit. All I needed was my Neoteric Power Quiver, Axis reel loaded with 8lb Feeder line, a spool of hooklink nylon, packet of hooks and a tub of swan shot."

The weather was icy cold and the river incredibly low but far from being put-off by the conditions, Rob believes if you can present your bait correctly that chub are catchable in any weather.

"I start by walking the stretch I intend to fish and dropping a few balls of cheese paste into each likely looking swim, I then walk back to the first spot and make my cast, giving each area 30 to 60 minutes before moving on and repeating the process. Using swan shot on a link leger allows me to perfectly balance the rig to the flow in each individual swim creating a deadly presentation, the slightest pluck from a fish allows the weight to roll producing an indication on the quiver tip.”

Rob started fishing just as dusk fell and attached a pair of Korum Isotope Holders to the rod tip for indication.

“Using two gives you a reference point when the end one moves, use just one and you can sometimes see the tip moving when it isn’t!” Top tip Rob!

"I started to pick up the odd fish from the second swim onwards, a mint chub of 4lb in weight which is fantastic to see, the future looks good for the river. It wasn't until late into the evening that I landed a better fish just shy of 6lb, a real bruiser of a chub,” adds Rob. "After a night spent in my luxury accommodation (the back of the van!) in temperatures of about minus 5 I was up the next morning and giving the kettle some hammer in an attempt to warm up before heading back to the river for another go."

Rob hadn't been fishing for long in a swim that has been reliable for him in the past when the quiver showed signs of life. A tap-tap pull was quickly followed by a strike and a sizeable chub tried its best to bury itself in the far bank foliage.

“Steady pressure won the day and I soon had something special resting in the landing net secured with a bankstick. I didn't actually realise just how special until I lifted the scales – I must of still been half asleep – at 7lb 6oz it was very nearly a personal best and my second 7lber in 11 months.

"After calming my nerves I moved to my next swim and very soon had another beautiful chub on the bank,” concludes Rob. “At 6lb 4oz I couldn't really ask for a better brace in the space of less than an hours fishing!”