As water temperatures fall, Dropshotting can come into its own as the lethargic perch become less inclined to chase their prey. Korum's Mat Woods has caught numbers of big perch this winter on a mix of tactics, but caught his first flurry of 3lbers from the river using Dropshot tactics.

"When the water drops clear and cold, a slim profile bait on a Dropshot rig can be really effective. A friend of mine had been having some success on the river with it and it was something I hadn't tried for ages. At one time almost all my fishing was done using a Dropshot to fish tight against features on canals, but due to the snaggy nature of the river, I had neglected the method."

You can put a really simple Dropshot rig together using the Korum Dropshot Kits. It's a very easy rig to assemble and can be fished on almost any venue.

The Dropshot Minnows can also be bought separately in different colour variations. Theres a Natural Pack, including a Roach and Perch imitation, a Fry Pack that has a Minnow and Bleak imitation, and a Fluoro Pack with the same lures in a bright fluoro/yellow and bright orange. This means you can either match the hatch, as it were, or cast a lure that stands out vibrantly in coloured or dark water.

"The Dropshot Kits make life really easy," explains Mat. "You can tie your own rig, of course, but if you're just starting out, the kits take out some of the guesswork.

Armed with a new approach – and some inside knowledge from the venue expert Chris Tredway – Mat managed a number of nice fish, including some 3lbers.

"On the very next trip, I noticed small fish in the edge that looked like small bleak and the gold lure from the Korum Dropshot Minnow packs seemed to match them nicely," adds Mat. "I caught a lot of fish that day and on subsequent trips.

"Since that cold spell the weather has gone really warm and it's been a totally different story. That's the great thing about lure fishing – every minute of the session is different and you never really figure it out."