Luca Ferrari, Korums Italian consultant, is in the middle of a European barbel tour. The first stop was a flying visit to England and a few hours fishing the Trent. A total of nine barbel, of which two were doubles and new PBs made the 5000km trip worthwhile!

The next stop on his epic journey was to the Belgian River Meuse in search of a first barbel from the river.

With some very wet weather around, along with strong winds, prospects were good. But conditions uncomfortable. The first day proved difficult with only one barbel as the water level was constantly changing and Luca had to often change feeder weight as the session progressed.

On the bank before light on the second day, Luca again found high water and impossible to fish, from experience of the previous day Luca knew the level would drop quickly but it was around 11 am before the first cast of the day resulted in a plump barbel of around 7lb

The session progressed much like the first day with varying conditions all day, however, the barbel fed much better and by early evening 6 barbel had been netted.

Luca had an appointment with family so decided on one last "extra time" cast before quitting for the day. With his 150-gram mesh feeder full of mashed cheesy garlic pellets and a 14mm Sonubait Krill Pellet ‘O’ on the hook, Luca fancied one last chance at one of the large barbel known to be in the area.

With everything cleared away and only the rod left suddenly an indication followed by a screaming run resulted in a hooked fish. After a hard initial scrap, the fish came easy to the net, once he saw the fish in the net he knew it was the double he had hoped for. The story doesn't end there however as after landing the fish his line became tangled in a tree and as Luca untangled the line the giant barbel made a bid for freedom and jumped out of the landing net, luckily the hook was still in and Luca was again playing what he knew was a huge barbel and another new PB!

This time it was no easy fight and tested the Korum Xpert 1.75 with soaring runs and strong lunges, using 15lb Korum Xpert Reel Line and 12lb Korum Barbel Line attached to a size 14 Xpert Power Hook made sure every fish was landed.

After 10 minutes the fish was finally netted for the second time. A hell of elation alerted a passer-by who kindly obliged with some stunning pictures!

At 83cm and 10lb 9oz it was another great reward along Luca's journey, next stop France, then on to Holland before returning to Italy for a well-earned rest!