Well summer is very much upon us all and so are all those things that seem to want to keep me away from my angling. Hedges to cut and lawns to mow, not to mention the 24-hr taxi service both myself and my wife provide for our daughter. It really does seem a battle to get those free hours away and escape to which ever watery paradise I’m targeting next. I should not moan though as I really wouldn’t want it any other way.
Here at Korum though they are a clever lot and they have considered anglers like us and the limited time we get. Their solution has been the opportunist range of rods, a no nonsense fully functional set of rods that are just perfect for the angler that wants to simply “go fishing “.

I combine both my 8- and 10-feet models with a robust Axis 4000 apiece and I can honestly say I am yet to come across a species that swims in our waters that I have not been equipped to catch, that’s from both fresh and salt water!
A couple of recent examples of these rods’ diversity came when Mat rang to organise a quick day filming for carp on the surface. Mat and I go back one heck of a long way with our carp fishing and this short session sounded the perfect way to start the summer holidays. The meet was arranged, Dawn at the services!
Well I won’t go over the complete session here but rest assured that we had an absolute ball and smashed some very fine and tricky carp off the top, in not one but two venues with our opportunist 10 feet 2.25 lb test rods. Sonu baits oily floaters and good old bread doing the trick for us both. Check out Robs top camera work in episode three of the Korum fishing clinic “Park lake surface fishing”.
A few days later it was off on holiday with the family and my daughter’s boyfriend Nath. We were staying in the county I love and used to call home of Cornwall. Having lived here a while ago I just happen to know a few good angling spots for both fresh and salt water down that end of the country and when Nath said he had never caught a sea fish but would love to try you can imagine what I packed. Both the 8- and 10-feet opportunists were packed in the car already for a few hours grabbed here and there if we got chance. Fortunately, the chance to have a cast in the sea came up a couple of times and with the same equipment I used to film with Mat the week before we stood side by side on the rocks of Porthkerris trying to dodge the seal that came to eat everything we hooked. Simple tactics were used, just a couple of small mackerel lures and a two-once jig as the lead or a snapper 40g bung pike float fished sliding style with a stop knot and a big live rag worm on the hook.

Nath picked up the tactics and techniques as if he had fished all his life and we both enjoyed some fun fishing with Mackerel, Pollack and Wrasse all being landed. Simple, summer, good fun fishing and all with just a couple of sets of gear that covers everything. What more could you ask for.

Tight lines if you manage to pinch a few hours
Ellis brazier.