The past few seasons Iv made trips to Walthamstow reservoirs in search of Bream. I guess Iv had 5 trips and caught each time but Iv not managed any decent hits of fish or managed to snare any of the larger specimens. Average size is 8 to 10lb but they are present to over 15lb.
The lakes are day only apart from the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month when night fishing is allowed. I arrived a little after the gate opened at 7am. This weekend was a night weekend.
I plumped for lake 1, the lake suffered some carp deaths last year meaning it’s a little quieter than the other lakes which suited me just fine as the Bream are still present. 
I had a choice of swims and selected a spot on the end of the wind with an island at 90 yards. The carp anglers like to get right up to the islands but the spot for the Bream is to fish 20 yards back from the island. 
I spombed out half a tub of Sonubaits Hemp and Halibut pellets with a couple of tins of F1 Corn and a few handfuls of 12mm Code Red boilies, to finish I add a good squirt of CSL liquid. Over this I fished groundbait feeders on a Heli Rig set up. The groundbait of choice was Sonubaits brown crumb and Lake mixed 50/50.
Hooklinks were short and made up using 10lb Snapper Fluorocarbon to a size 8 Specimen hook. To kick the hook away from the mainline I use a cut down Camo rig sleeve, the stiffness of the fluorocarbon helps with this and prevents tangles. Hookbaits were 12mm Code Red boilies tipped with Korum imitation floating corn that Iv had soaking in F1 liquid.
The helicopter part of the set up was made using the excellent new Ready Heli Kit, whilst these kits are brilliant straight out the pack for the majority of species, for bigger fish I like to add an extra XL mega grip under the heli kit to prevent slippage.
First bite of the day came late morning with a double of 10lb 9oz, from then on bites came every hour or two. I didn’t have any groups of bites, they were always spread apart. Unusual for Bream, you’d think a shoal would turn up and you would have bite after bite until they moved on, but that’s not the case here. Every few hours I topped the swim up with a few more spombs of the hemp n halibut mix.
Early Sunday morning I finally latched into the one I wanted in the shape of a 13lb 2oz slab. A personal best and a fish Iv wanted to catch for a few years. I finished the session with about a dozen Bream, the smallest being 9lb 4oz. The 13 was a new PB by a pound and that still leaves plenty of room for improvement which will have to wait until next season.