Lure fishing is a fantastic way to catch pike. The other great thing about lure fishing is that I don't need to lug around huge amounts of tackle. All I need is a rucksack with my lures and unhooking tools in, my 8ft Snapper Lure Rod, a net and unhooking mat!

I carry a range of lures with me, from buoyant shallow diving bugs, to larger deep diving minnow shaped lures. There's also a range of colours to suits different light levels, water clarities and most importantly of all – what the pike want to eat!

The Korum Mid-Water Shad in the Silverfish pattern is always the first lure out of my box. It has a rattle mounted inside and a wide diving vane on the front, to give this lure a very erratic action on the retrieve.

The Mid-Water Shad dives between 1 – 2.5m deep, allowing me to cover a good range of water depths, depending on how hard I retrieve and the thickness of my braid.

I'll attach the lure to a Snapper Titanium Trace. Titanium traces last for ages and there's no need to worry about a pike twisting or kinking your trace and having to change!

Make sure you change the colour and size of you lure regularly if you aren't catching, this could be the key to getting the pike to hit your lure.