For many anglers, hair rigs are a difficult proposition. I know from working in a busy tackle shop myself that many anglers will simply opt for a ready-tied hair rig, but with so much to choose from, it must be difficult knowing what to choose.

Korum's Quickstop Hair Rigs are great value as you get eight rigs per pack, for just £2.49. That's a bargain when you think some carp rigs cost that each! They come in either a short 4" version, which is great for fishing with a Method feeder, or 15" versions, which are more an all-rounder. Sized from 10 to 16 and available in barbed and barbless, there's something to suit every venue.

The Quickstop just makes things easy. No more fiddling around looking for boilie stop and losing them in the grass - Quickstops are permanently attached. Just push them through your bait and you're off.

I like using baits like sweetcorn and luncheon meat with them, especially. Give them a try.