Testing new lures is one of the real fun parts of product development through the colder months for our product team and angling consultants. Lure fishing is a great short session approach for big predators, especially perch and this year we have some real predator candy for you.


The new curly-tailed lure in the Squirm family, a Floatex lure with real attitude. At its best in colder, clear water conditions where a more subtle amount of water movement and vibration is required. During testing, the Squirlyz accounted for multiple 3lb+ fish for our in-house product team, and fish to over 6lb over in Europe. They really do pick out the better fish as they can be fished so slowly. Even with tiny movements, the tail is always undulating and drawing attention - a fantastic lure fished on a Jig, Cheb-head, Texas rig or Dropshot.

Korum's Tim Janssen was closely involved in the design, as he has caught so many big perch and Zander on curly-tailed lures. He thought a buoyant version with a similar profile to a Squirm would be a real winner and he was right, with multiple big perch captures on prototypes.

The finished Squirlyz are available to buy in individual packets of 4 in 6 different colours, or pre-loaded on 5g Squirm Heads in two different mixed colour packs.


The Gonk lure is the result of lots of testing and development in-house. Our team of Perch wizards here were desperate for a paddle-tailed lure that they could Ned Rig with all well as using it as a search bait. Paddle tailed lures fished fairly quickly are a great way to find active fish, but the Ned Rig is by far a better way to pick off members of that shoal one-by-one thereafter. The Gonk does it all.

Unlike other buoyant shads that were designed for sea fishing or bass fishing, the Gonks can be fished ultra-slow. This makes them supremely effect in cold water. Of course, being made of Floatex they will float and stand on their heads when stationary - the Gonk is so effective fished with long pauses for this reason.

You'll note that the 6cm version looks 'headless' and its done to make the lure fish more effectively and so it's much easier to rig. Being so small and soft, it's important that it's easy to get on smaller jigheads.

With the larger 9cm version you have a flat head at the front which helps with the body roll you might expect to see in larger baitfish. This imitates gudgeon and gobies beautifully, and can be fished through the water column or hard on the bottom with great results.

Gonks come in 9 different colours and also in three different mixed colour packs. The ultimate Ned rig shad!