For a number of years, I’d wanted to catch a carp from a river! This has always been on my list of thing to achieve, but for one reason or another, always been put back to the following year’s targets.  This year, however, there’s another large black line through the list!

A couple of weeks back, a trip was planned to the river Trent. Originally the main target was barbel, but after obtaining some knowledge about the stretch, and that it held a good number of carp, the tactics were changed. Maybe this would be another

Arriving at the river on an overcast, but warm day, I set up just downstream of a railway bridge. My good friend Jason set up on the left-hand side, fishing towards the bridge, and I opted for the right, with a deeper hole in front, and a large tree.

I baited up with around 1kg of Code Red 15mm Boilies in front of the tree in the slack water. If there was going to be a carp in the swim, this is where it would be!

I cast the rig over the top, baited with an 18mm Code Red Boilie that had been soaking in oil and topped with a 10mm Sonubaits Pineapple Pop-up.

At around 11pm the alarm suddenly burst into life, the fish stripping line of a tight clutch. It powered off into the middle of the river, using its size to hold in the main flow of the river.

Eventually, the fish hit the surface around 15 yards out and under the light of my head torch, I saw a big white flash before the fish powered back down.

Soon after an upper double-figure common carp slipped over the net – my first ever river carp!

While playing the fish I could see the light from Jason’s head torch, but he wasn’t coming to help, he was also playing a carp. We had both had a bite at the same time with rods positioned 40 yards apart!

I lost another good fish during the night, and managed to catch a couple of good sized bream, but that was to be all of the action. After the sun rose, the action died off and we packed away.