Steve Stones has been out recently targetting big river sergeants from his local River. Here's what Steve had to say about his latest session:
"I used a running link leger (using a Korum Feedabead with a short stiff piece of mono attached, carrying 2 SSG shot) 6lb Korum Feeder main line, an Xpert Power Mono 4lb hooklink of about 18ins and a size 8 Xpert Power hook carrying a large lobworm tipped with a red maggot.
"I got to the river at about 9am and it was just fining down after one of the many mini-floods we've had over the past month. I baited a couple of reed-lined margin areas with about 30-40 broken lobs and a half pint of red maggots for an hour or so while I tackled up, and I must admit I wasn't really fancying it as the weather was bright and cold and windy. 
"Anyway, I cast out and about five minutes later had a very small, slow pull of about half an inch on the 1.5oz glass tip, which I hit and which turned out to be 3lb 7oz," adds Steve. "To cut a long story short, on a freezing cold day I had two more, equally as tentative, bites over the next six or seven hours, resulting in fish of 3lb 3oz and 2lb 4oz.
"I then reeled in the perch rod and cast out the chub rod (paste-wrapped boilie and 2oz bolt rig) just as it got dark and an hour or two later at about 6.30pm somehow missed an absolutely thumping bite. I still don't know how I missed it....
"I was so cold at that point that I just packed up and drove home!"