The height of summer can be a tough time for specimen anglers, but Rob Thompson knows just how to keep the fish coming through the warmer months.


A peaked cap and good pair of polarised sunglasses are essential for summer river fishing. Whether it's lure fishing, barbel fishing of float fishing, taking the glare off the water opens up a whole new world! You’ll be able to see underwater features and with a little bit of luck, the fish you want to catch! 


A simple running rig is all you’ll need. When tied using good quality components, this rig is perfect for any swim on any river, giving great bite indication. I just use a small Running Rig Kit, a super sharp Xpert Specialist hook and tough Power Mono Hooklink.


Watching a quiver tip is a great way of fishing for chub. These fish can often be extremely tentative, and by using a stiff rod you could be missing out on fish. With a soft quiver tip you’ll know as soon as the fish picks up your hookbait. Remember to keep watching that tip, chub bites can be very easy to miss if you’re not on the ball!


It’s not uncommon to fish a large number of swims when fishing for chub, especially if the water is clear and the skies are blue. Don’t spend too long fishing in each swim, keep on the move and keep tracking down the fish. This way you’ll be able to give swims a rest and let the fish gain confidence again!


During the day, you’ll often find the fish tucked away under trees, close to reed beds, or under some shade. Try to get your bait as close as possible to this cover, or if the flow is right, let your rig bounce underneath it! This is where the fish will feed most confidently and where your hookbait needs to be!


Take a variety of hookbaits with you. What works one day, might not the next. A darker, S-Pellet can be great on more difficult days. On other days, a couple of grains of bright corn, a chunk of meat, or a lump of cheesepaste can be better. It’s important to keep experimenting with your bait to work out what the fish will want.