The majority of my summer angling has been quick sessions stalking Barbel on the river Dove or running a float through for the Chub. There is something special about being able to watch the fish feed freely and letting them show you their individual habits,I’ve learned so much from just being able to watch them!

Luckily quite a few have obliged in picking the hook bait up and I’ve been lucky enough to have had the chance to use the new Neoteric rods to tame them...plenty of backbone when called upon but also a pleasure to play fish on once the dirty work is over and the fish are away from the snags!! For the comfort of traveling light and being able to keep mobile I’ve been using the ITM Tackle and Bait bag which again is compatible with the Fast Mat...I’ve found little things like being able to clip items to your bag such a help in freeing your hands upWith fishing conditions improving all the time recently I felt it was time to visit the Trent for the first time this season, again traveling light but also with a bit more comfort as I would be a little more static. The X25 Deluxe Accessory chair is brilliant for this, as it can be utilised as a barrow for those long walks and has many additional items, so you can fish comfortably from the chair without moving around your swim looking for other items of tackle. With only a couple of Bream to show for my efforts I thought I had got the choice of swim a little wrong but just as I was about the pack away a nice 13lb 10oz fish sent me away happy!