I finally managed to get out fishing with my old man! it's been so long since we fished together and it's something we should do more often. We headed back to where it all began for me as a child - I caught my first pike from this venue some 20 odd years ago and since then i have been hooked.

It's usually about this time of year i would start thinking about targeting predators, but with how mild it's been of late i thought i would have another attempt at catching a couple of barbel.

I did put a sneaky pike rod in the edge though just incase things didn't go to plan.

I decided i was going to fish a Korum Mesh feeder on a Running Rig Kit, stuffed with Sonubaits pellet and hemp with a good soaking of Code Red oil to boost the attraction, whilst dad fished for some smaller species to try and get us a few live baits for the pike.

After a dozen or so casts i hooked into my first fish, it made quite a good account of itself and felt much bigger than it actually was. The first fish was roughly 7lb, not a huge fish but a good start.

The next cast resulted in another fish which looked a little bigger, so whilst I let the fish rest up in the sling I put the rod back out and proceeded to get my camera equipment ready. As I was doing this however my rod hooped over again and i was into my third barbel, both fish weighed over 8lb. I thought I was going to end up hauling after having three on the bounce, but after the third fish it just seemed to die off.