Watching a float twitch, bob and sail away under the water's surface is a sure-fire way to get your adrenaline pumping. The pike can be a very aggressive predator right through the depths of winter, providing great sport for the angler wishing to target them.  One very effective way of catching pike is float fishing. I like to chose the float fishing approach when targeting a new lake as it requires very little gear and allows me to keep extremely mobile, covering a number of different spots around the lake during the course of a day.

Here's a few simple steps to set up a versatile Pike float rig.

How To Tie a Simple Float Rig

Step01: Slide the Rubber Stop up your braided reel line

Step02: Follow this with the small bead supplied

Step03: Thread your braid through the middle of the Dura Bung

Step04: Follow this with another rubber stop and a bead

Step05: Finally add the weight and tie on the Snap Tackle Trace

Step06: Adjust the rubber stop at the top of your rig to suit the depth of your swim.


How To Hook a Deadbait

Bait01: Find the top barbed hook on your semi-barbed snap tackle

Bait02: Hook this into the root of the tail to help the bait stay on

Bait03: Hook the bottom barbed treble into the flank of the deadbait

Bait04: Cast it out and catch a pike!


Soon you'll be catching bigger pike!