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Figure of Eight Loop Knot

The Figure of Eight Loop Knot is great for tying in the end of pre-tied hooklinks, or attaching ready-tied hooks to nylon to your main line. The knot also has uses when specimen fishing if using quick-change setups or when using stiff monos and coated

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Grinner Knot

The Grinner Knot is arguably the strongest means of tying on swivels, hooks and leads. Check out our simple guide.

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Tie A Simple Feeder Rig

Fishing the feeder needn't be complicated. Korum makes this style of fishing easy. Just take a look at this super-simple setup.

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Tie a Quickstop Hair Rig

Want to tie your own Quickstop Hair Rigs? Here's how!

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My Favourite Rigs

If you're targeting big fish, you'll definitely be interested in the Korum Quickstop Hair Rig range. They've got strong hooks and line, to provide you with a fantastic hair rig. What's more, they come with a Korum Quickstop already att

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