Xpert Reel Line

Rigorously tested reel line that is designed to cope with everything you throw at it. It beds in quickly on the spool, has a kink-resistant structure and unbelievable knot strength. It's matt green finish blends in on most lake and river beds, providing a camouflaged line that's set to become a specimen fishing essential.

  • 1000m spools
  • Dull green colour
  • Kink-resistant structure
  • Fast sinking and supple
  • Available in 6, 8,10, 12 and 15lb.
  • Stated breaking strains are based on the achievable strength with a Blood knot – much higher strengths can be achieved with a Grinner, Palomar or Figure of Eight Loop knot


What the Xperts say:

"It's the strongest reel line going based on diameter to strength. I won't use anything else." - Phil Spinks

"You weren't wrong about this line. I tried pulling for a break with the 12lb and had a right game." - Rob Thompson

"I've just wound in one of the best barbel snags on the River Dove. We have to do this main line!" - Dai Gribble

"Superb stuff for river fishing. The 12lb and 15lb cover all my needs." - Ade Kiddell

"There is no better line for Method feeder fishing in my opinion." - Chris Ponsford

"I use it as a main line and for hooklinks. Lovely stuff." - Gary Knowles

"Here in Europe for big barbel, it is the perfect choice." - Tim Janssen